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Occasional Columnists

Family House Moving - Drew McNight - July 2014
Save Park Athletic Fields - Martin Stidham - June 2014

Promoting Tourism Locally - Carol Perry - May 2014

Playground in Stretch Drive - Kate Green - December 2013

Sunset Shares the Love - Richard Ray - April 2013

John Steven Calder - Vets have services available - January 2013
Sherman D'Silva - Why I'm running for supervisor - November 2012
David Lee - District needs new direction - October 2012
Quentin Kopp/Aaron Peskin - No blank check for Rec. and Park - Oct. 2012Donna Canali/Emily Goldfarb - Caring for pets in a disaster - October 2012
Catherine Sachs, Child Services - Your money, children-June 2012
Dr. Naomi Nagayama, Kelly Lam - Pet Health - Foxtail Season Barry Hermanson: Top Two Vote Getters to Battle - April 2012
Keeping an Eye on Pet Parasites - April 2012
Concerts Help Local Schools - February 2012
Help for Home Improvements - June 2011
Brian Larkin: 'Talk is Cheap!' - November 2010

Bert Hill: Goal - World-class transit - November 2010
James Fang - Bart to the Beach? - October 2010
Jeff Adachi: Prop. B Deserves Support - September 2010
Police Beat, Sunset Beacon - August 2010
Sean Elsbernd/Alex Volberding: Support Muni Reform Plan
- May 2010
Pamela Lovell: Proper Way to Trim Trees - April 2010
Jeff Adachi: Solving city's budget woes - December 2009
Peter Warfield: Library Changes Not for Better - October 2009
Tiffany Patterson: Budget Cuts Hit Hard - October 2009
Ken Ross: Growing up in the Richmond - November 2008
Brian Larkin: Goals, concerns over Geary BRT - November 2008
Arkadi Kuhlmann: Check Your Safe Deposit Box - November 2008
Linda Zamfino
: Financial Planning Assistance - November 2008
Marci Bowman: Almost effortless fitness - 2008
Ken Ross: A great place to grow up - September 2008
Supervisor Bevan Dufty - Go Solar, Save Thousands
Rev. John Anderson - Opening Dialogue on Race - June 2008
Keith Wilson: Geary Merchants Get Short End of the Stick - May 2008
Barry Hermanson: We Need Better Priorities - April 2008
Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval: Don't Pave that Yard - February 2008
Arkadi Kuhlmann: This Year, Save Your Money - February 2008
Tracie Chock Watanabe: Parkscan Helps Local Parks - February 2008
Officer Steve Johnson: Close Encounter - January 2008
Eric Lien: What's in a Name - December 2007
Scott Hauge: Vote 'Yes' on Proposition I
Peter Warfield: Vote 'No' on Proposition D
Maureen McGettigan: Blind But Not Bland - August 2007
Arlene Uribe: Groups Unite for Public Safety - July 2007
Myrna Lim: City's Predatory Pricing Policies - July 2007
Pat Kaussen: Honoring Children for 20 Years - June 2007
Joan Girardot and Steve Lawrence: Fight the Unfair Family Tax - June 2007
Kitty Ha - Homeless and Clean Streets

Ryder W. Miller - 25th Anniversary of GFMS
Pat Christensen: Merchants Kick Off the Holidays
Louise Mariani LaMuth - Growing up in the Avenues
Jean Stanbridge White: Clocking 65 Years of Service - October 2006
James Fang: Asian Vote Crucial in Election - October 2006
Camille She: PAR Keeps an Eye on the 'Hood - October 2006
Jaynry Mak: Update on Outer Sunset Merchants - August 2006
Megan Agee: Sunset Safety Study
Carol Mo: Richmond Safety Study
Michele Stratton: Groups Oppose Saturday Road Closures
Gavin Newsom: San Francisco Rose After the Quake
Gavin Newsom: Rebuilding After the Great Quake - March 2006
Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi: Intelligence Oversight Reform - February 2006
Gloria Chan: Stop Getting Junk Mail - January 2006
Lilly Murphy: Richmond Schools Perform - December 2005
Caroline Grannan: The School Application Process: December 2005
Deanna Simon: Consumer Safety a Must - October 2005
Camille She: New Library Play Structure Needed - October 2005
Lilly Kim: Schools to Get Money - October 2005
Lin Ishihara: Many School Programs Available - October 2005
Becky Wike: Back to School Tips - September 2005
Charles Phillips: Golf Tradition at Lincoln Park - August 2005
Mayor Gavin Newsom: Summertime is for Youth - July 2005
Stephanie Li: Grilling "Green" for the Summer - July 2005
Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi: City Celebrates Environment - July 2005
Mayor Gavin Newsom: Better Customer Service - June 2005
Charles Phillips: Great Hwy. from 1929 to 1941 - April 2005
Mayor Gavin Newsom: Update on Homelessness - March 2005
Lia Manfredi Wu: Writing Well, Important School Dates
- January 2005
Mayor Gavin Newsom: The Dream of Dream Schools - December 2004
Avrim Ben-Izak: Canadian Drugs - Facts & Myths - December 2004
Judith Kahn: San Francisco's Midwinter Fair - October 2004
Florence Kwo: Embracing Cultural Roots - October 2004
Christina Lee and Angela Lo: Teens Should Have A Say So - August 2004
Lia Manfredi Wu: A Fresh Start for School Success - August 2004
Arthur Abramson: Seniors Hurt by Policy Lapses - August 2004
Craig Carrozzi: In the Footsteps of Mark Twain - July 2004
Lia Manfredi Wu: Staying on Track this Summer - June 2004
Rev. John Anderson: A Tragic Mistake in Iraq - June 2004
Cathy Murphy: Keeping a Loved One at Home - May 2004

Jeff Swenerton: Geary Tansit Improvements - April 2004
Alan Wong: Critics Play Race Card at School Board Meeting - April 2004
Greg Gaar: Laguna Honda Canyon � An Unknown Treasure - March 2004
Kathryn Olsen: Have You Visited the Local Library Lately? - March 2004
Randa Gahin: Your Ticket to Saving $100s a Year - January 2004
Jared Blumenfeld: A Challenge for Richmond District Residents - RR Nov. 2003
Police Chief Prentice Sanders: Community Policing a Good Reform - September 2003
Mabel Teng: Tax-paying Advice - May 2003
Carol Migden: Tax Tips - April 2003

Tim Himes: Richmond Coalition Builds Safety Nets - RR April 2003
Sean Culloty: Cycling into the Sunset - SB March 2003
Rev. John Anderson: Hunger Consequences of War
- RR Feb. 2003
Carol Moseley: Guide Dog Shows the Way - SB Jan. 2003

Becky Wike: Grilling While Helping the Environment - RR July 2002
Lolita Sweet: Recycle those Old Cell Phones - SB June 2002
Susan Silber and K. Leong: Cabrillo Street Bike Lanes moving Forward - RR May 2002
Pat French Swendsen: World's Fair inspired Wild West Theme Show - RR May 2002
Brian Casey: Bike Commuters Rise to Challenge - SB May 2002
James O. Clifford Sr.: Growing Up in the Sunset's 'Desert' - SB May 2002

Peter O'Donnell: Helping Small Businesses with Big Electric Bills - SB April 2002
Christene LeDoux: Lots of Fun in the West Side of the City - RR March 2002
Alan Oliver: Child to Young Adult: The Transition - RR February 2002
David Heller: Helping Create a Better Community - February 2002
Pat French Swensen: Grizzly Bears Once Roamed in the Park - SB February 2002
Mathew Tuchow: Support for Israel is Proper and Well Deserved - RR January 2002
Matt Tuchow: Firefighters in the Avenues - RR December 2001

Catherine Morris: If I Can Do This, I Can Do Anything - RR October 2001
Rebecca Goldman: Bulky Items? One Call Does it All - RR October 2001
Pat Swendsen
: Playland was Our Adventure September 2001