Barry Hermanson: Top two vote getters to battle

June 5 primary election
The June election will be an unusual one for voters in California. In the races for Congress, state Assembly and state Senate, the top two candidates will be on the ballot in November, regardless of party affiliation. 

In this Congressional District, Nancy Pelosi will, no doubt, be one of the two candidates to move forward to the November ballot. But who will be the other? Before you vote, I encourage you to read each candidate's statement in the voter handbook and visit their websites. Call them. You might be able to talk to a candidate for Congress.

When was the last time all candidates for this office participated in a candidate debate or forum - 1987? I have a few questions about the direction of this country and believe we need a real debate in 2012.  

Below are the campaign websites/contact information for each one of the Congressional campaigns as listed by the SF Department of Elections: 

• Dennis, John, no party, 1592 Union St., (415) 673-9800 or [email protected];

• Diaz, Americo, Democrat, 1157 Bowdoin St., (415) 307-3426 or;

• Hermanson, Barry, Green Party, 2467 28th Ave., (415) 664-7754 or [email protected];

• Pelosi, Nancy, Democrat, 601 Mississippi St., (415) 297-0917 or [email protected];

• Peterson, David, Democrat, 268 Bush St., Ste. 4400, (925) 270-4632 or DavidPetersonforCongress;

• Shields, Summer, Democrat, 350 Townsend St, #321, (415) 846-4260 or [email protected].

Four Democrats, one Republican, a Green and one candidate with no party preference. In the June 5 primary election, who will you choose to be on the November ballot alongside Nancy Pelosi?

Barry Hermanson is the Green Party candidate.