May 2014
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Housing project at 26th and Clement delayed for third time
A controversial proposal to replace two rent-controlled apartments with six market rate apartments at the intersection of 26th Avenue and Clement Street has been put on hold for a third time by the San Francisco Planning Commission.

Richmond author pens memoirs of '60s Haight scene
Richmond District resident Penny Skillman is a freelance writer whose works have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, SF Examiner, Oakland Tribune and some alternative papers, including the Berkeley Barb and Anderson Valley Advertiser.

Old Car Picnic runs out of gas after 25 years
Low-riders, Model A and T cars, powered bar stools and fire engines: just a few of the old cars that rolled through Golden Gate Park for Jimmy's Old Car Picnic every year. It all began with one man, San Francisco native Jimmy O'Keefe, his car and a hot dog. O'Keefe began the Jimmy's Old Car Picnic tradition in 1988 to celebrate his birthday, funding the first few gatherings himself. The event grew from there, but posthumously ended in 2013 after a 25-year run.

CVS wants new site on Geary Blvd.
"We are planning to build and open a new CVS pharmacy at 3600 Geary Blvd. in 2015," said Michael DeAngelis, director of public relations for the CVS pharmacy chain.

Muni acknowledges problems: routes need updating; service unreliableNow it is official - as of last March, when the SF Planning Commission approved a final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for revamping the City's bus system - the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) finally acknowledges that it has two big problems.

Local author rebuts racial stereotypes, pens exposés
Cathy Robbins has always been fascinated by the English language. As a girl born to Italian immigrants in Brooklyn, New York, she believed that English represented freedom and a way to move beyond the tight-knit immigrant community into which she was born. Her native language was Italian and she did not begin to learn English until she was four years old.

Singing in choir can give seniors sense of community
"I joined for my health, to improve my lung capacity and also for my psychological health," Sue Quevado explained. She laughed as she recounted an earlier experience.


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