June 2014
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City Center shopping mall to get 6 new businesses
The old Sears store site at Geary Boulevard and Masonic Avenue used to house one superstore. Then, in the early '90s, it was subdivided to accommodate several large businesses, like Mervyn's and Target. Now, the large structure is undergoing a transformation that will make it more like a suburban mall.

Washington High grad finds calling as filmmaker, father
At first glance, "Alec Mapa Baby Daddy" might seem like just another slightly edgy stand-up comedy special ubiquitous on Comedy Central or LogoTV, but it is very deliberately framed by Alec Mapa's home life, which shows wholesome and relatable day-in-the-life family moments.

Master Mosaic Maker
Shirley Smith, a Richmond District resident, is a mosaic artist who for 17 years has collaborated with contractors, architects, housing authorities and designers to complete projects for various clients and organizations. She also enjoys working with various communities to create collective murals that reflect the richness of group participation.

New film a 'dream ride through 20th century America'
"People love looking at raw evidence," said Rick Prelinger during a recent interview at the Prelinger Library, an appropriation-friendly private research library open to the public in downtown San Francisco. "People can make their own narratives out of it. You don't need to spoon feed them."


Capt. Simon Silverman: Police Beat

Supervisor Eric Mar: City Hall Update

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