November 2013
Note: For additional stories about the west side of San Francisco, see the new issue of the Sunset Beacon.

Federal shutdown hurts local businesses, millions of dollars lost
The recent federal government shutdown delivered a punch in the gut to some local enterprises doing business at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA), with losses totaling in the millions of dollars.

Muni wants feedback on spending $5 billion
San Francisco County transportation authorities are considering numerous construction projects for traffic-calming and pedestrian safety enhancement throughout the mid-Richmond District, with new traffic signals coming for two key intersections, among other changes.

Police warn of new telephone scam
San Francisco police are alerting the public to two telephone scams, one involving a demand for payment for what is presented as overdue loan debts, and another involving payment for traffic tickets supposedly issued by the SF Police Department (SFPD). In these calls, the caller I.D. is often that of the police department, showing a legitimate police department number.

Volunteers create neighborhood haunted house
On the evening of Oct. 31, it is with great anticipation that guests cloned as skeletons, witches and other creative characters will line up around the corner to enter the well-known haunted house located in the basement of the 6001 grocery store, located on California Street at 22nd Avenue. The haunted house is now going into its 12th year and the theme this year is "Time in Travel."

Metal-smith creates works of art with Jewish themes
October is a special time for artists throughout the City; each weekend in October artists in different parts of the City open their workspaces to the public. Among them this year was metal-smith artist Aimee Golant, who participated in her first Open Studios event.


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