December 2013
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New Grocery Outlet opens in Outer Richmond
A new supermarket opened to great fanfare in the Outer Richmond District Nov. 22. The opening featured a mascot, politicians, local dignitaries and a large pallet of food, which was donated to feed the hungry.

Statewide recycling program pressures small businesses
In the past decade, closing recycling centers has increased pressure on small markets in the Richmond District to take up the slack, reversing the effect of a state law meant to relieve them from the obligation.

A first at century-old parish
In one of the least-churched cities in the United States, there is a congregation that has met every Sunday for more than 100 years. The Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church's (LPPC) soaring wood walls and detailed stained glass windows are reminiscent of the church's century-old parish, which is now under the religious guidance of a new-age, progressive minister.

CommUnity Garden opens in GG Park
What was once the Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood Coun­cil's (HANC) recycling center in Golden Gate Park officially re-opened on Nov. 5 as the Golden Gate Park CommUnity Garden. The garden is located at Frederick Street and Arguello Boulevard, near Kezar Stadium.

Author's latest mystery novel takes place at SF's India Basin
A native San Franciscan, Craig Carrozzi has just published his sixth book, titled "India Basin Triangle," a crime novel set in the San Francisco noir tradition.

Author weaves spiders' story
In her new storybook for children, "The Spiders' Journey: A Modern-Day Myth," Richmond District author Linda Lewin puts a mythological twist on the origins of the world-wide web. With colorful illustrations by Dan Lydersen and Lisa Cox, the 32-page book depicts the story of Javacita and her friend, Cyber, who bravely respond to the Spider King Sipatta's call for volunteers to embark on a perilous mission: to save the migrating "painted lady" butterflies, which are endangered by climate change. In their work spinning the longest web ever, the spider team needs to deal with predators and exhaustion. In this tale, Lewin weaves together the world of computers with the mysterious realm of spiders.


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