April 2013
Note: For additional stories about the west side of San Francisco, see the new issue of the Sunset Beacon.

Wells to augment fresh water supply
To make San Francisco less dependent on the Hetch Hetchy system for its drinking water, the City wants to add six groundwater wells on the west side of town, five of which would be connected to the pipes feeding city faucets.

Masonic Avenue redesign plan draws neighbors' concerns
A plan to give Masonic Avenue a makeover - which includes bicycle lanes on both sides between Fell Street and Geary Boulevard - has hit some bumps in the road thanks to parking and money issues.

Youth 'catch air' at Shred-N-Butter
A year-round skateboarding program that is run through the city's Recreation and Park Department called Shred-N-Butter holds classes for kids ages 3 - 17.

Neighborhood Court metes out local justice
A young man enters a room, looks around at the dozen people waiting for him, smiles and waves to everyone, appearing very friendly and relaxed for someone facing criminal charges.

Buffalo Soldiers fought, maintained order in parks
It was not long ago that if you asked somebody what they knew about Buffalo Soldiers, they might quote you a line or two from the Bob Marley song of that name. Now, thanks to the efforts of people such as National Park Ranger Frederik Penn, more and more people are learning about the place of these early African-American soldiers in our country's history.


Capt. Sharon Ferrigno: Police Beat

Supervisor Eric Mar: City Hall update