Sunday parking meters delayed

The Municipal Transportation Agency has delayed the implementation of a plan to charge for parking at meters in the Inner Richmond District on Sundays for at least three months.

Officials of the transportation agency did not think there was appropriate public notice and they wanted to install meters that take credit cards before implementing the program, which was originally set to begin June 1.

The Sunday meter plan, which would be enforced from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., is opposed by the Greater Geary Boulevard Merchants and Property Owners Association.

According to the MTA, charging for meters on Sunday citywide would generate about $2.8 million for the department, which is facing a $56.4 million budget deficit. But, officials say the real reason for the plan is not to make money, but to speed up the Muni #2 Clement bus by having fewer automobiles driving around looking for parking spaces.