Supervisor Eric Mar: Your help is requested

Last spring, I held a series of hearings and meetings to gather neighborhood and small business leaders, community-based environmental organizations and city representatives to examine the City's plans for stimulus funding going towards energy efficiency projects. Community leaders were encouraged by the potential benefits provided through these federal expenditures but also voiced concerns for greater equity and accountability. Members of the community wanted to be part of the process to ensure the funds were distributed in an equitable manner in prioritized communities.

Through these discussions, I recently passed legislation that created a community-based Energy Efficiency Steering Committee. The charge of the committee is to create a policy document over a year of meetings that will guide city departments on the future allocation and expenditure of funds regarding energy efficiency.

Under the leadership of the Steering Committee, the City will be accountable to the following goals:
• Ensure communities that are disproportionately impacted by the localized health threats of toxic pollution are prioritized for energy efficiency investments;
• Create and/or adjust specific programs and policies to ensure jobs and economic benefits in energy efficiency and related green sector industries benefit San Francisco residents in targeted environmental justice communities;
• Ensure programs and policies achieve both health and economic benefits in targeted environmental justice communities;
• Create a model of interdepartmental collaboration and action and a targeted set of metrics upon which energy efficiency programs will be evaluated.

We need interested and qualified members of the public to apply for this steering committee. If you are interested, please visit, go to the SF Board of Supervisors page and then to board and commission vacancies. You will then be able to click on Energy Efficiency Steering Committee and follow instructions for applying.

Give your input on BRT Advisory Committee
The Geary Citizens Advisory Committee (GCAC) meets on a quarterly basis to advise the project team throughout the environmental study. The GCAC provides input in refining Geary Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) alternatives; reviewing project benefits and impacts; identifying mitigation strategies; and selecting a preferred alternative.

There are currently two vacancies on the GCAC. All interested persons are invited to submit an application, particularly applicants representing the Richmond. To apply, visit the website at to download an application or call (415) 522-4800 for mailing options. Applications are due Wednesday, June 2!

Brief background on BRT
In November 2003, 75 percent of San Francisco voters approved the Prop. K expenditure plan, which calls for an expanded network of fast, reliable transit, including BRT in San Francisco. Geary Boulevard is the key east-west transit corridor identified for BRT improvements. BRT is a package of improvements that provide fast, reliable service quickly and cost-effectively, including: a dedicated bus transit lane, transit signal priority, high-quality vehicles and stations, pedestrian enhancements and streetscape amenities.

In May 2007, the Transportation Authority Board approved the Geary Corridor BRT Study and called for environmental study and engineering. The environmental study, launched in 2008, is working to identify the impacts and benefits of BRT alternatives; recommend a preferred BRT alternative for Geary; and develop strategies to mitigate impacts if BRT is implemented. Please apply! We need good Richmond District representation.

Making the Municipal Transportation Agency accountable
I am proud to be a co-sponsor with supervisors David Chiu, David Campos and Ross Mirkarimi on a Charter amendment that will make the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA), which is Muni, and the SF Department of Parking and Traffic more accountable and transparent.

Our measure calls for a number of changes to the MTA, including: split appointments between the Board of Supervisors and the mayor for the five seats on the MTA's Board of Directors, a body that oversees the MTA (currently all appointed by the mayor), checks and balances with work order requests from other departments to the MTA, Muni driver concessions, greater transparency with proposed fare increases and service cutbacks, increased accountability on budgeting, and an independent auditor specifically for the MTA.

This measure will ensure there is more public input into decisions being made at the MTA. If this legislation is approved by the Board of Supervisors, it will most likely be on the ballot this November. Please contact our office for more information about the legislative process or content of the measure.

Coffee with Eric
Please join me for coffee on Thursday, June 17, at 6 p.m. I will be at the Royal Grounds Cafe, 5301 Geary Blvd., between 17th and 18th avenues. Come meet with me and other Richmond District residents and share what's on your mind.

Bike to Work Day
Each month a growing group of riders have been joining us for a fun and leisurely bike ride from the Richmond District to City Hall. Meet up with us at Velo Rouge Cafe, 798 Arguello Blvd., at Cabrillo Street, on Friday, June 11, at 8 a.m. Ride with us!

San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar represents District 1.