Letter to the Editor

Once again, I was nearly run over at Fourth and Folsom streets. Yesterday, my husband and a large male friend had to stop mid-crossing at Arguello Boulevard and Cabrillo Street. Both of these crossings are heavily used by pedestrians, visitors on the way to the park, the customers of Arguello Market, bicyclists, parents with strollers, and like me, seniors on their way to the bus stop at Fourth and Folsom.

I complained to the Chronicle Watch last year about the unpainted crossing at Fourth and Folsom, and voila, the lines were painted. They made no difference. I called repeatedly and voila, those pedestrian crossing signs were put up. They make no difference! I wrote to the mayor and to Jake McGoldrick, and got no acknowledgement. I called the San Francisco Traffic Safety number and got back a nice sympathy call.

Now I invite all of you to call Jake McGoldrick and Mayor Gavin Newsom. Maybe if there are enough of us, Arguello Boulevard at Cabrillo Street and Folsom Street at Fourth Street can be given stop signs or maybe even traffic lights.

The speed limits are not enforced as we all know, so maybe we could all call the police as well. Here's to hoping the best for pedestrians.
Jacqueline Darrigrand