Supervisor Jake McGoldrick: Green Task Force Extended

While we celebrate the passage of my measures on the ballot this past election, our office refuses to rest on any collective laurels. My staff and I continue to work on legislation and constituent concerns, which promise for an exciting December and beyond.

Extension of the Biodiesel Task Force
This month, I introduced a resolution that would extend the life of the Biodiesel Access Task Force for an additional two years. I originally called for this task force in early 2006, as I wanted the best minds in the field to have a forum to come together and help San Francisco develop strong policies and strategies to guide and encourage the use of biodiesel.

This task force is the first of its kind in the country and has done important work that I would like to see continue. I advocated for this because I thought then, and continue to believe now, that biodiesel is clearly a better fuel than petroleum, both in terms of public health and environmental quality.

It is the fastest growing renewable fuel in the country, and, by significantly reducing harmful carbon emissions, provides crucial environmental benefits without sacrificing effectiveness. It is biodegradable and nontoxic, and can be made from any vegetable oil or animal fat, as well as recycled cooking greases.

Moreover, it can be used in almost any diesel vehicle with little or no modification, making it a realistic and practical choice.

What the City and its residents need now is uninterrupted, continued work on an infrastructure that will allow them easy access to this exciting and versatile fuel, and the task force has been working long hours to help establish just that.

For example, over the last two years the task force has helped set up two biodiesel pumps in San Francisco, as well as reducing fees and streamlining the process for future biodiesel stations in the City.

The group has also established a Marine Biodiesel Committee, which works with marine diesel suppliers to make biodiesel available to commercial and private boaters.

What is really exciting is that this task force has helped the city become a national leader for biodiesel use in city vehicles, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and petroleum consumption.

In addition, not only are we improving local air quality, but our task force is also setting the tone for biodiesel policy on a national level. My hope is that the San Francisco task force will continue to be an example and inspiration to other cities and areas of the country, encouraging them to embrace and increase their own use of biodiesel and other renewable fuels.

This is particularly relevant at a time when we should all play our part in tackling the environmental concerns that continue to escalate around the world. I look forward to the work that will come from this innovative and exciting group in the months and years ahead.

Happy Holidays
As the holidays are upon us, I would like to extend best wishes from our office to you and yours. Whatever religion you may or may not practice, I hope that your days are bright with generous spirit.

It was Hamilton Wright Mabie who said: "Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love." I hope that all of San Francisco is caught in that conspiracy, and that generosity and hope carries with you into the new year.

Our office is sponsoring a holiday food drive for the San Francisco Food Bank this year, which we hope will give a small bit to those less fortunate. Please feel free to come by City Hall to say hello, and drop any non-perishable food items you may have in the green barrel by the middle of December.

San Francisco Supervisor Jake McGoldrick represents District 1.