April 2006

Police Blotter/Richmond Roundup/Letters to the Editor

Toyota Gets OK to Expand into Closed Cala Site

The SF Planning Commission unanimously approved a Conditional Use Permit March 16 for San Francisco Toyota to occupy the closed Cala at Geary Boulevard and Fourth Avenue.

Fire Ban Proposed for Ocean Beach

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) is set to ban bonfires at Ocean Beach.

District's Playgrounds Get a 'C' Grade

It wasn't just another day at the park. When more than 100 San Franciscans took to all 144 of the City's playgrounds on a sunny Saturday in February, they had more than play on their minds. The swarm of volunteers, armed with survey forms, turned a jaundiced eye on every playground to compile a report card for San Francisco facilities.

New Plaque Recognizes Coast-to-coast Highway

The Lincoln Highway - the nation's first direct transcontinental highway, running from New York City to San Francisco - was completed in 1913. Its story is now contained on a new plaque installed at Lincoln Park last month.

Budding Authors Trio of Richmond Buddies Grew Up Fast

A generation ago, the question most frequently asked was, "Where were you on December 7, 1941?" For Carl Swendsen, and his buddies, Normand Black and Ken Ross, the answer is both simple and complex, and it triggers a host of memories.

St. John's 100th Anniversary in the Richmond District

St John's Presbyterian Church is now celebrating its 100th anniversary in the Richmond District.


John M. Lee: City Needs More Homeowners

Capt. Sandra Tong: Police Beat

Supervisor Jake McGoldrick: Increase the Minimum Wage

Jose Luis Moscovich: Let BRT Study Get the Facts