October 2005


Police Blotter/Richmond Roundup

Photo: John Oppenheimer

Principal Al Dea stands in front of Presidio Middle School. The school, together with Roosevelt Middle School, will be celebrating their 75th anniversaries next month.

Presidio and Roosevelt Schools Celebrate 75th

After serving the community for the better part of a century, the Presidio and Roosevelt middle schools will be celebrating their 75th anniversary in November. "We're calling it 'Presidio's alive at 75,'" said Presidio Principal Alvin Dea.

Concerns About Geary Bus Plan Aired at Workshop

The Geary Corridor Citizens Advisory Committee of the San Francisco Transportation Authority held a workshop Sept. 21 to present information on the various proposals for improving mass transit on Geary Boulevard.

Illegal Demolitions Continue Despite Stiff Penalties

With planning policies making it more difficult to destroy existing houses, some people are using loopholes in the demolition ordinance to tear down buildings using alteration permits, and the few that get caught can expect to have their cases over-ruled when they go before the SF Board of Appeals.

New de Young Museum to Open Oct. 15

The mysterious copper-covered structure that has been rising above the trees in Golden Gate Park over the past five years is finally completed.

Portion of Stow Lake Collapses

Stow Lake Drive - the road that loops around Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park - is closed to vehicular traffic because a gully on the north side of the lake, which is 6 feet away from the road, eroded Sept. 2, creating a safety hazard.

Concourse Authority Plans Opening of Park Garage

The Golden Gate Concourse Authority held a meeting Aug. 13 to report on the status of the soon-to-be-completed underground garage and the status of renovations at the concourse.


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