APRIL 2005


Police Blotter/Richmond Roundup/
Historical Photo

photo: Maureen McGettigan

The Griz and Grog: Gregory William Miller Stein, who prefers to be called "Griz," stands in front of San Francisco Brewcraft on Clement Street. Stein is one of three owners of the brew supply shop which offers brewmaking classes with the purchase of a brew kit.

Recently Remodeled Playground Cracking, Rusting
After spending an estimated $1.9 million to renovate Rochambeau Playground, the city still faces a need to repair the facility. Cracks have formed in the new asphalt and new play structures are beginning to rust.

Museum Preserves "Chinese Holocaust"
Non-profit group wants history of foreign occupation preserved, taught
The Chinese Holocaust Museum of San Francisco celebrated its second anniversary in the Sunset District earlier this year. Founded by history professor Tien-wei Wu in 2000 and opened in temporary quarters in Oakland, the museum moved to its current San Francisco home in January of 2003.

Storm Runoffs Pose Environmental Risks
San Francisco is one of only two cities in the state - the other being Old Sacramento -- that treats storm water, domestic sewage and industrial wastewater together. The advantage of having a combined system is that any contaminants present in storm runoff can be treated before they hit the bay or ocean. The downside is that there's always a risk of overflows, potentially resulting in the release of mostly untreated sewage.

False Alarm Has Garage Foes Scrambling to Testify
Reacting to speculation that the proposed southern entrance to the new Golden Gate Park garage would be closed, except during high-volume periods, about a dozen residents from the Richmond District showed up at the Golden Gate Concourse Authority's meeting March 8 to express their concerns.

Argonne Renovation Moving Along
After a multi-year delay, the Argonne Playground renovation project is finally on track for spring 2005.

Brewing Beer an Art at Richmond Brewing Station
In San Francisco Brewcraft on Clement Street and 17th Avenue, down the aisle, past the barrels of barley and the boxes of tubes and glass bottles, dwells a heavy, white-bearded man in overalls known in the beer-brewing community as "Griz." He owns the shop, has 40 years of brewing experience behind him and is one of the most reputable beer-brewers in the Bay Area.

Educational Programs at de Young
Collect, preserve and exhibit are the key words articulated in most museum mission statements, but the Palace of the Legion of Honor and the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco have added a new component to their missions - to educate people about the art featured in their permanent and special exhibits.


Capt. Sandra Tong: Police Beat

Paul Kozakiewicz: Take Good Look at Geary Plan

John M. Lee: The Ins and Outs of TICs

Jake McGoldrick: Patriot Act as "Watch Law"

Jennifer Sportsman: Dragon House Restaurant

Charles Phillips: Great Hwy. from 1929 to 1941

Assemblyman Leland Yee: Update on Legislative Issues