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photo: Maureen McGettigan

On Top of the World: Richmond District filmmaker Daniel Gamburg has fun in the backyard of his 17th Avenue home. Gamburg did post-production work on his film "IPO" in his basement studio apartment. The film will be featured at the Film Art Foundation's International Film Festival in November.

City Mulls Building New Southern Entrance to Golden Gate Park
A controversial plan to build an 800-space parking garage underneath the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park took a step forward in October when 10 options for a new southern entrance to the garage were unveiled.

Election Propositions Debated at Forum
An election forum sponsored by the Sunset-Parkside Education and Action Committee (SPEAK) in October gave west-side residents the opportunity to hear arguments in favor of and against several key ballot measures.

Local Filmmaker Eager for His "IPO"
When 9-year-old Daniel Gamburg emigrated from the Soviet Union to the Richmond District in the '70s, he probably did not imagine making his feature film debut about the dot-com boom. Indeed, this actor/director has come a long way. 

Artist Overcomes Hearing Loss, Work Acquired by Local Museums
"She has a gift for getting inside the person," says Roy Ragle, the husband of graphic artist Carol Ragle.


Capt. Sandra Tong: Police Beat

John M. Lee: Look at Candidates' Positions

Jake McGoldrick: Thanks to Community Leaders