December 2003


Police Blotter/Richmond Roundup/Letters to the Editor/Historical Photo

photo: Francis Da Silva

Richmond Beat: Jeffrie Peterson at the Blue Danube Cafe on Clement St., where
an exhibition by the artist opened in Decmber.

No Suspects in Fulton St. Shooting
Flower bouquets and letters of remembrance still adorn a streetlight pole near the intersection of Fulton Street and 17th Avenue where San Francisco resident Dmitry Romasenko, 21, was shot to death Nov. 15.

Money for Richmond Library Shot Down; City to Reapply for Grant
The state of California turned down an application by the city of San Francisco for $5.1 million of Prop. 14 funds to renovate the Richmond Branch Library, saying it failed to adequately expand the library's book collection and explain its technology plan.

Big Fight at Roosevelt over School Newspaper
A firestorm has engulfed Roosevelt Middle School because the principal cut a popular journalism class.

Park Service puts Strict Limits on Bonfires at Ocean Beach
Starting in January, the public's ability to enjoy bonfires at Ocean Beach will be limited to a small stretch of sand between Lincoln Way and Fulton Street.

Supervisors OK Plan to Build Underground Garage in Park
In November, the S.F. Board of Supervisors put its seal of approval on a controversial plan to build a $50 million, 800-space parking garage underneath the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park.

Housing Element needs Work, Critics Claim
More than 100 people attended a meeting at St. Brendan's Parish Hall Nov. 19 to discuss the city's Housing Element, now being deliberated upon by the SF Planning Commission.

Mayor, DA Candidates Slug it Out at PAR Forum
Accusations flew and tempers flared as district attorney and mayoral hopefuls stated their views to members of the Planning Association for the Richmond (PAR) at a meeting Nov. 12.

'Renaissance Man' Debuts Art at Richmond District Cafe
Jeffrie Peterson watches the neighborhood wake up every morning, drinking a cup of coffee at the Blue Danube Cafe on Clement Street. And now the neighborhood wakes up with Peterson - his most recent paintings - "Insinuendo" - are gracing the cafe's walls through December.

School Groups Tour Ocean Beach Treatment Plant
In the hope of making San Francisco residents more aware of the city's effort to clean wastewater before it enters the ocean, the SF Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has organized tours of the Oceanside Treatment Plant and Southeast Treatment Plant for San Francisco students.


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