June 2002


Police Blotter/Richmond Roundup/Letter to the Editor

Rec. and Park Eyes Open Space Funds to Fill Deficit
Top officials at the SF Recreation and Park Department have decided to close a gaping hole in their budget for the upcoming fiscal year by raising program fees and dipping into funds that could have been used to acquire open space properties for the City.

Suspicious Fire Investigated at Mountain Lake Park
A small fire at Mountain Lake Park May 7 scorched some 1,500 native plants that had recently been planted as part of a restoration project. Ten firefighters and three engines responded to the 6 p.m. call. Firefighters had the fire - which began close to the east shore and moved up the slope, burning a third of an acre - under control within an hour.

Hemp Club stops Giving Donations Away
The Hemp Center, the Richmond District's medical marijuana club, located at 2533 Balboa St., shut down for about two weeks in late April and early May because staffers at the center had the overwhelming task of having to explain to 300 to 500 people that medical marijuana donations were no longer being dispersed.

Police Break up Sex Rings at Three Sunset Homes
San Francisco police have shut down three houses of prostitution since January catering to Asian clientele that were operating in the Sunset District.

Richmond Resident Celebrates 25 Years as Beefeater
On any given day, Tom Sweeney greets thousands of people from the four corners of the globe, including celebrities and royalty. This year Sweeney celebrates his 25th year as the doorman at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel.

Stepping Stone Celebrates 40 Years Assisting Women
Friends gathered. Patrons, volunteers and relatives all laughed and conversed as normal. But what distinguished this night from any other became apparent as the dining table was presented with the timeless signature of celebration - a sheet cake that said "Happy 40th Anniversary."

Argonne Mural gets Facelift

Mt. Sutro Reforestation Plan off to Slow Start



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