Richmond Review

December 2002

Police Blotter/Richmond Roundup

Housing Facility for Families with Mental Disabilities Gets OK
San Francisco's first subsidized housing for persons with a mental disability and their families cleared its last hurdle in November when an appeal by a homeowners association intended to block the project was dropped.

New Underground Garage Gets Cool Reception
The public finally got its first peek at the new design for a controversial $50 million parking facility to be built under the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park and they rejected the modern architectural elements included in the design scheme.

Groups Hammer Out Plan to Upgrade SF Memorial
Two black granite marble plaques will be installed in what is hallowed ground for a group of World War II veterans - the USS San Francisco war memorial at Land's End.

Bluegrass a Musical Passion for Richmond District Couple
Jeanie and Chuck Poling might be described as a typical Richmond District couple; married with regular daytime jobs, living in a flat near Golden Gate Park with two children attending public schools. But that is where the "usual" ends.

Beach Patrol Saves Lives in Turbulent Ocean
With the arrival of Indian Summer during September, Ocean Beach was packed with visitors who rushed past signs warning, "People swimming and wading have drowned here," and proceeded to jump into the ocean to cool off.

City Bees Fly Miles to Produce Golden Nectar
Honey! The golden ooze has been a part of the palate of humanity for many millennia. Long before refined table sugar, it was the most common sweetener.


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