Sunset Beacon
January 2010

Note: For additional stories about the west side of San Francisco, see the new issue of the Richmond Review.

Sunset Spotlight

Cars Sideswiped on 19th Avenue

Eight months after lines were painted along the outer edges of traffic lanes on 19th Avenue to designate street parking, city officials are proclaiming the program a success. But, since the change and a crackdown on vehicles parking on a portion of the sidewalk, residents along the busy avenue have been getting their vehicles sideswiped.

Park Arboretum to Build New Nursery

In the works since 1995, with detailed planning beginning about four years ago, Golden Gate Park's Strybing Arboretum will soon boast a new $13.1 million hothouse and nursery complex.

Site's Still Serving Swingers

The Golden Gate Park tennis courts have an illustrious 115-year history.


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Richmond Review Stories - January 2010

Richmond Roundup/Police Blotter/Letters to the Editor

Battle over new GG Park soccer fields, lights at night

More than 130 people showed up for a public meeting on Dec. 7 to discuss neighborhood concerns about a plan to replace the soccer fields near the Beach Chalet at the west end of Golden Gate Park with synthetic turf. The plan would also install lighting, which would be on until 10 p.m. for night play.

Presidio Branch Library closes for renovation

Built in 1921 with money from Andrew Carnegie, the Presidio Branch Library will be closed for at least 18 months as it is renovated and modernized. The renovation is part of a decade-long program to upgrade 16 library branch buildings throughout the City and to build new branches.


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