Sunset Beacon
March 2009

Note: For additional stories about the west side of San Francisco, see the new issue of the Richmond Review.

Police Blotter/Sunset Spotlight

Concerns About Lincoln Students Aired at Meeting

Problems between the students at Abraham Lincoln High School and the surrounding community were addressed during a "Town Hall Meeting" in the school's library on Feb. 18 by student leaders, faculty members and administrators.

Stonestown YMCA Offers a Variety of Free Health Screenings

San Francisco residents lined up Feb. 4 at the Stonestown YMCA to get a free screening for high blood pressure, which is referred to in the medical field as a "silent disease." If not detected and treated, it can be the cause of heart failure, stroke, heart attack or arterial aneurysm. It is also the leading case of kidney failure.

Composer Finds Inspiration in Historic Words

Award-winning composer J.J. Hollingsworth has been professionally putting music to words for more than 25 years, so when she came across a letter written by Thomas Jefferson dated July 2, 1801, emphasizing the importance of equality for all men and the sanctity of the Constitution, she knew the parallels to today's societal changes had to be told.


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Assemblywoman Fiona Ma: We Must Save JROTC