Sunset Beacon
April 2009

Note: For additional stories about the west side of San Francisco, see the new issue of the Richmond Review.

Police Blotter/Sunset Spotlight/Letter to the Editor

Noriega, Taraval Streets Look to Revitalize District

Despite its strong working, middle-class stature in the City, the Sunset District is feeling the effects of the present economic downturn. That is why Sunset District Supervisor Carmen Chu is working with Mayor Gavin Newsom's Office of Economic Development to help the district maintain its long-standing quality of life.

Pine Lake Rain Runoff Poses Health Hazard

The Stern Grove Summer Festival will begin its third year since the completion of a $20 million renovation project that featured the work of world-renowned landscape architect Lawrence Halpern.

City Ready to Enforce Employee Transit Programs Passed Last Year

Enforcement of a city ordinance requiring businesses to offer their employees a commuter transit program will begin this month according to city officials. The ordinance, passed last year, went into effect in January and mandates businesses with 20 or more employees to offer one of three employee transit programs.

Sunset Artists Enjoys Weaving, Creating Collages

"Weaving is magic," says artisan Kate Dopheide.

Company Turns Backyards into Urban Farms

Richmond and Sunset district residents know one thing about their neighborhoods - it's cold and foggy, so the idea of maintaining an outdoor garden seems like an arduous task.


Capt. Paul Chignell: Police Beat

Supervisor Carmen Chu: Muni Improvements Coming

John M. Lee: Obama's Homeowner Plan