Sunset Beacon
July 2008

Note: For additional stories about the west side of San Francisco,
see the new issue of the Richmond Review.

Police Blotter/Sunset Spotlight/Letter to the Editor

Post Office Workers Claim Abuse on Job

Postal workers led an informational picket line in response to management issues.

Doctors, Staff Use Latest Technology to Treat Animals

Nothing breaks one's heart faster than looking into the sad eyes of a sick cat or dog, unable to let them know that everything is going to be all right.

Oakes Center to Move, Firehouse for Sale

A community center housed in a city landmark will be moving out of the Sunset District


Capt. Paul Chignell: Police Beat

Supervisor Carmen Chu: Ocean Beach Vision Needed

John M. Lee: Profiting from Foreclosures

Supervisor Bevan Dufty: Go Solar, Save Thousands