Sunset Beacon
October 2008

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Police Blotter/Sunset Spotlight/Letters Editor

Sunset Artists to Open Studios

As October brings some of the best weather to San Francisco, it is also the best time for artists to display their wares at the annual Open Studios event. This year, artists in the Sunset and Richmond districts invite the public into their studios to view their work on Oct. 11 and Oct. 12.

District 4 Candidates Debate Quality-of-Life Issues

The South Sunset Playground clubhouse was filled to capacity Oct. 1 when SF Supervisor Carmen Chu and fellow District 4 candidates Ron Dudum and Dave Ferguson met for a quality-of-life debate addressing issues important to the Sunset and Parkside districts.

Neighbors Fight to Keep Tree from being Chopped Down

A dispute similar to the one that recently shook the UC Berkeley campus is pitting PG&E; against a group of neighbors in the Outer Sunset District. There are no tree sitters yet, and just the fate of one tree hangs in the balance, but the final curtain in the fray might come crashing down literally as well as figuratively on Nov. 11.


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