Sunset Beacon
July 2007

Note: For additional stories about the west side of San Francisco,
see the new issue of the Richmond Review.

Sunset Spotlight/Police Blotter/Letter to the Editor

Group Asks SHARP Questions about 19th Ave.

Alice Wallace was the elderly woman who was run down by a speeding car June 3 as she crossed an intersection at 19th Avenue and Noriega Street. Her death at the scene prompted the forming of the 19th Avenue Pedestrian Safety Action Group, the next day.

School District Considers Selling Site Designated Open Space

A small piece of land in an obscure corner of the Sunset District is the focal point of an ongoing debate in the city about the loss of open space and how, or if, it can be preserved.

Controversial Burger King Closes

A controversial Burger King on Ninth Avenue in the Inner Sunset District has closed its doors.

Allure of Swinging Attracts Fans of all Ages to Amura Ballroom Dance Studio

Passersby walking past the floor-to-ceiling, glowing windows of the Amura Ballroom Dance Studio on Taraval Street can not help but peek at the scene inside. To the left, a mirror reflects firefly lights sparkling white against the ceiling, a dark wooden floor, and a carousel of swirling, straight-postured figures. In the center of the room men and women carefully rotate around the room, some hesitantly, some confidently, some gliding smoothly and then stumbling and starting again.

New Generation of Filmmakers to Debut at Film Fest

Movies have always provided a glimpse into life. They allow the public to open a window upon the world and at times to see intimate details or insights often over-looked.

Supervisor Ed Jew: City Hall Updates, Sunset is Home

John M. Lee: Foreclosure Overview