Sunset Beacon
November 2006

Note: For additional stories about the west side of San Francisco, see the November 2006 issue of the Richmond Review

Sunset Spotlight/Police Blotter

City Tries New Tact to Keep Outer Irving St. Clean

The City has embarked on a new effort to clean up some of its neighborhood corridors, including Irving Street, between 19th and 25th avenues, and West Portal Avenue, between Ulloa Street and 14th Avenue.

Sunset District Candidates Stump for Votes

More than 150 people attended an Oct. 11 Town Hall Forum to hear five San Francisco supervisorial candidates talk about community safety, homelessness, and the state of public schools in the Sunset District.

Sunset District Artisan Creates Jewelry with a 'Touch of Zen'

Many people may think Sunset District resident Mendy Marks' metallic jewelry-making career began in San Francisco, but they are wrong. Jewelry is something that she has been creating for almost her whole life.

Writer Brings Artist to Life in New Children's Book

In the 19th century, the center of the art world was Paris. But, after WWII, the center of the art world shifted to New York City. Among the migrating artists to NYC that made an impact was Georgia O'Keefe.


Paul Kozakiewicz: Fight to Save JROTC Program

John M. Lee: Pros and Cons of Prop. H