Sunset Beacon
September 2005


Sunset Spotlight/Police Blotter

Vandals Strike Sunset Facilities with Fire, Graffiti
In the last six weeks, the Sunset District has been consistently and increasingly hit with vandalism.

Sunset Library to Close for Major Renovation
The doors to the Sunset Branch Library on 18th Avenue and Irving Street will close later this month for at least a year. During this time, a private contractor will replace the present lighting system, strengthen the roof, modify the sewage and drain systems, rebuild various features to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and generally reconfigure the interior for optimum usage of floor space and better functionality.

Mayor Gets an Earful about Problems in the Sunset, Parkside Districts
Mayor Gavin Newsom, District 4 Supervisor Fiona Ma, Chief of Police Heather Fong, Fire Department Chief Joanne Hayes-White and several city department chiefs attended a Town Hall Meeting for residents of the Sunset District.

Voters to Decide Fate of Garage Entrance in Golden Gate Park
A proposed solution to the debate over entrance and exit lanes for a new underground parking garage at the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park will be decided by voters this November.

Ocean Beach Problems Persist
Residents of the Sunset District near Ocean Beach have been dealing with a long-standing set of concerns regarding quality-of-life issues.

Michael de Young Traveled World to Stock Museum
To San Franciscans, Michael de Young's name denotes a powerful journalist, promoter and avid collector.

Painter Challenges People's Perception of 'Artist'
Artist Peggy Spillane's exhibit "Face to Face," which was a year in the making, was recently displayed to the public at Creativity Explored, the first one-artist show in the history of the gallery.

Artists Create Awareness of Ocean Beach Pollution
Milk containers, toothbrushes, flip-flops, plastic cutlery, bottlecaps, shotgun wadding, prescription bottles: These are the flotsam and jetsam of people's lives, dancing their way along a 70-foot-long cord strung down a bright, windowed corridor.


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