Sunset Beacon
August 2004


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photo: Philip Liborio Gangi

The Trees of San Francisco: Mike Sullivan stands in front of a primrose tree on 11th Avenue.
Sullivan worked on the book,"The Trees of San Francisco" for two years.

Sunset Group Fights Cell Phone Antennae
A group of Sunset neighbors is fighting a plan by cell phone giant Sprint to install three antennae in the bell tower of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, located at Judah Street and 43rd Avenue. Sunset Neighbors for Action (SNA) began the campaign to halt the antennae after Sprint filed an application with the SF Planning Department in March to install the antennae, citing health and safety concerns.

Mutiny on Rec. and Park's Advisory Board
Five Members Quit after Plan Adopted without Public Input
Five members of a bond oversight committee tendered their resignations in July, saying the SF Recreation and Park Department shut the public out of its decision-making process when it chose 10 capital projects, including Rossi Playground, for funding without public input.

Mt. Sutro 34-unit Condominium Plan Draws Fire
A plan to build housing at the edge of Mt. Sutro is drawing opposition from neighborhood activists, who want a proposal from the developer that offers less density. The plan is to build 34 condominiums at the site, located on a private road off Crestmont Drive, consisting mostly of three- and four-bedroom residences. The condominiums will be divided into duplexes, each with an upstairs and downstairs unit.

San Francisco's Grimy Side Exposed
Murder, Graft and Prostitution Explored in Unique City Tour
One of the greatest unsolved serial killings of all time took place in the Presidio Heights, in 1969, when the infamous Zodiac killer arrived at the corner of Washington and Cherry streets and executed a waiting cab driver. 

Institute Offers New Classes, Location for Older Students
A new learning program for students 50 years of age and older is coming to the Richmond District. The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI), a branch of the College of Extended Learning at San Francisco State University, offers a variety of classes to aging baby boomers, under the motto of "insightful learning for ageless minds."

Author's New Book Looks at City's Trees
As an arborist, Mike Sullivan points to a California Buckeye at the corner of McAllister and Willard streets and calls it a "true San Francisco native." The 150-year-old tree, not far from the University of San Francisco campus, was almost chopped down by a developer in 1999. Sullivan considers this his favorite tree in the City; one prominently featured with many others in the author's first book, "The Trees of San Francisco."


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