Acting Capt. Henry Parra: Don't be a Willing Victim

Hello everyone, Lt. Henry Parra from Taraval Police Station reporting for "duty." I have been your acting captain for almost two months. The previous captain, Denise Schmidt, has been promoted and has moved to her assignment working for our new police chief.

This is just a short report for those who live in the western front of our City, letting you know you are well "covered" by the dedicated men and women in blue. I do wish to make a sincere and desperate call for the help of each and every resident to raise your right hand, just like the last John Wayne movie I saw, and say "yes, I will be part of the posse."

Please get involved to help us make our City a safe one by calling police when you see something suspicious. Don't dismiss the suspicious person standing in front of your neighbor's house! Is a van or car parked attended or unattended in your neighborhood with people inside you have never seen? Is someone following school children as they walk home?

It is OK to call the police. You are not wasting our time. We get paid to handle situations like these. It's the middle of the day. Did someone knock on your door and seem surprised that you answered? Did this stranger ask for someone you never heard of? Did this person seem nervous or uneasy, avoiding facial contact? Chances are it was a burglar checking to see if he could find a targeted empty house. Fight back. Don't be a victim.

Did you close and lock your ground level windows before you went out shopping? Did you double lock the front door and make sure your garage door machine went all the way down before you pulled away with your car. Don't be a victim.

Don't leave any valuables in your car, either in front of your house or at your parking spot. Don't leave temptation for an auto burglar. No backpacks, expensive sunglasses, pens, iPods, cell phones, GPS units and their suction cup dash mounts. You're just asking for someone to break the glass and flee with your goods.

Let's work together to make our City safe for you and your loved ones.

Lt. Henry Parra is the acting captain at the Taraval Station.